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Fawole Joshua (AKA) Donjos is a Certified Internet Webmaster, an Entrepreneur. He has been involved in the development of hundreds of personal and corporate websites and solutions and has also assist in training more than 1000 + web Developers & also online Income stream, who are now doing very well.


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Date:- 14-06-2014


Dear Friend,

I want to use this opportunity to welcome you to this page and also congratulate you on the journey you are about to achieve legal wealth online.

Please kindly remove anything that will distract you from grabbing all the Secret information you are about to see which will change your life for good starting from taken action now.

I will show you how to use these packages to generate a minimum of 100 thousand Naira per month starting from now.

Special Offer: Make Daly Cash with A Big UK Base Company that is elevating poverty and Joblessness In countries & around the world by paying you real cash while you are sleeping after doing a 100% secured investment. yes I said while you are sleeping.


This proven system is specially designed to those that want to earn extra income and those that has never made a dime to join me to harvest the goodies (cash) online.

If You Are Ready To Make At Least N100,000 Online Monthly Like I Am Doing Starting With a little capital!!!! So You Can Stop Looking For Job All Around after the 1st month Then Make Sure You Read This Page Till The End.

Warning: if you are not willing to make money online someday then don't bother reading this page because this information is strictly for those who care enough to believe that people are making money on the internet and aspire that one day it would be their turn. So read on to discover twenty six tested and trusted legal business you can do online to make at least N100,000 monthly.


Are you ready to BREAK THE JINX to your financial freedom? I know you will READ ON!

It Pains To Be Broke!

I understand your plight and I assure you after reading at least (5)manuals you will surely forward your testimonies to me.


PRODUCT #1 How To Create Mini Websites In Less Than 60 Minutes (A N4,000 Value)

A step by step PDF guide on mini website creation using Microsoft FrontPage by Nigeria's most talented website designer.

It is a must have for every aspiring Internet marketer who wants to make a living online.

PRODUCT #2: FacebookFan Fan Page Cash!  (AN 3,500 Value)


 How to make $100 monthly using your Facebook Fan Pages!

PRODUCT #3: Customized BulkSMS Report  

 (A N 2,000 value)



This report will show you how to start a successful and flourishing Bulk SMS business capable of pulling in N75,000 or more per month all from sending text messages to people.

It is a MUST read for you.


PRODUCT #5: How To Travel Abroad Without Going To The Embassy!

(A N 6,500value)


The truth is many people have traveled out of the country legally without going through the Embassy.

You want to know how this is done?

Well, you now have at your fingertips all the details you need.

good info as well.

PRODUCT #6:Miracle Forex Secrets

(A N 5,000value)

Do You Wants To Make Thousands In The Fiverr? Start Earning Real Paydays Starting As Soon As Today! WARNING: Fiverr Frenzy Secrets reveals million dollar banking secrets that will give you enormous power in the marketplace - read now and start making your millions!"

PRODUCT#7:How Tosin Made 64k In Two Weeks (A N 3,500value)


This report reveals all the secrets that I used to pull in N64500 within 2 weeks with one classified advert.

You will also discover how to buy HOT products at a cheap price and sell them for enormous profits without breaking a sweat.

If you will not read any other book, you just have to read this one.

PRODUCT #7:The Complete Step By Step Blueprint To Setting Up Your GSM Short Code Business! (A N 6,500value)

Do you know about GSM short codes? It's a wonderful new system of making money from GSM users.

Just ask people to pay N20 or more via SMS while you send them promotional offers or valued information.

PRODUCT #8:How I Made 10m In 2008! By Akin Alabi  (A N 5,000value)

Do you know Akin Alabi?

Well, if you have been reading my writings, he is the guy who made N3millionnaira within 2 weeks.

In2008 alone, he made over 10 million naira. This report explains how he did it so that you can learn from his steps.

Don't miss it.


PRODUCT #9:How Any Nigerian Can Set Up A VIRTUAL VISA CARD Business

(AN 3,500 value)


This book will teach you exactly how to use our Naira to set up a business that issues virtual Visa credit cards to fellow Nigerians for a few.

PRODUCT #10:How To Get Your Own USA MasterCard With Your Name Inscribed On It. (AN 1,500 value)


You know that some websites do not accept MasterCard from Nigerian Banks.

This e-book will help you with valid information on how to get a valid plastic MasterCard from the U.S.


PRODUCT #11:How To Raise N728,000 In Four Week. (A N 5,000value)

  This will show you how an unemployed guy used computer training to raise 728,000 in 4 weeks to travel abroad


PRODUCT #12:Foot Ball Betting Report

 (A N 3,000value)

Do you watch football? Well, either you watch or not, this report by Akin Alabi will tell you how you can make money just by predicting the outcomes of football matches.

All you have to do is just predict if Chelsea will win WIGAN at Stamford bridge or if they will lose.

If your prediction is correct, your N4000 can turn to 3 X N4000 (N12,000)within 24 hours.


PRODUCT #13:How To Buy Laptop For As Low As$200 (A N 2,000value)

A wonderful report with full information on how to get the best deals on laptops here in Nigeria.

PRODUCT #14:Code 3 Cash Flow System (AN 1,500 value)

You are JUST 3 Steps away from an inevitable CASH FLOW system only if you can read what is written in the CODE 3 cash flow system

Are you ready?

The contents of this report will help you to see how you can  make money from simple ideas and knowledge that you possess right now.




PRODUCT #15:The Online Importation Business! (AN 5,500 value)

Do you want to learn how to import products using the Internet?

Now you have a whole world of successful tips that most people who do importation business uses.


PRODUCT #16:How To Register Your Business Name With CAC Without A Lawyer (A N 4,500 value)

Stop Paying Agents and Lawyers extra charges to register your Business name

You can save N50,000 for doing this.

So, how?

This report tells you exactly how to go about it.

You might even turn it into a business if you like and help other newbie's to register their company and get your CASH


PRODUCT #17:MONEY In The BANK IN 17 Days (A N 2,000value)


Let Oluwafisayo Akinlolu, the author of Quick Cash and this report show you with pictures how to do so.

You might not be able to make the kind of money you need in as little as 17 days but you will be able to make it as fast as possible.

17 Days!


PRODUCT #18:How to OPEN and VERIFY a PayPal Account Here In Nigeria

 (A N 3,500value)

Presently, people charge between N7500 - N15,000 as fees to help people open a verified PayPal account

But you are going to get all the secrets for almost free in this report I am giving out to you for almost free

Believe me, it is HOT


PRODUCT #19:Guide To Recharge Card Printing Business (AN 2,000 value)

I do not need to tell you more about this HOT info

On a normal day, people charge N5000 or more for seminars on this topic

Right now, a lot of people have turned into millionaires doing this business and the number of people who use recharge cards are on the increase

What do you think...MONEY. Isn't it?


PRODUCT #20:How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In The Next 24 Hours

(A N 2,000 value)

Are you new to affiliate marketing or you have been struggling to make a sale since you got started

This powerful report that was authored by an expert affiliate master will tell you how to do so.

Get Your FIRST Affiliate Sale NOW!



PRODUCT #21:Forum Cash

(A N 1,500 value)

Well, at least, I think you know about Nairaland forum.

Do you know that you can make tremendous amount of money on forums like this?

This report details how I used a technique that a 22 year old undergraduate used to pull in N65000 in 5 days to pull in N75,000 without any start-up capital.


PRODUCT #22:Cash Building Strategies

(A N 5,000 value)

This eBook will show you how to build a solid income online.

PRODUCT #23:The Internet USB Modem Unlocker!  (A N 2,000value)

The Internet USB Modem Unlocker!

Discover the secret software and guide that shows you step by step how to unlock any USB Modem!


PRODUCT #24:Blog Your Way To Millions (A N 5,000 value)

Would You Like To Make Money From Blogging?

If your answer is yes, then this report which is very comprehensive will make your desire a reality.

As a matter of fact, there is a young Nigerian in Lagos who makes over$2,000 every month from blogs.

You too can do it and this book is a g


PRODUCT #25:Article Writing Cash
(AN 5,000 value)

Everyday, a lot of people are making money online simply by helping companies and organizations to write articles online.

A single article can be as high a $5. Writing 150 of such articles in a month will make you a clean profit of $750.

This report will teach you how to write articles and where to get jobs and how to get your payments in a no stress way.



Hello Don,
                 Thanks for the fast delivery, I found all the packages useful and I have started working towards it, more especially to claim the special offer. Your guide is the main PDF file a novice and those that haven't made a dime online should read, thanks once again.

       Thank God
Hello Sir , to be truthful to u sir, this message took a lot of time because i don't know were to start thanking. I am very overwhelmed with all your support and the packages you sent to me were superb. Thank you and God Bless you.



Dear Mr. Don, I have been your subscriber for some time now, i must say i commend your efforts. I bought your PayPal package last week, and i must say i was very impressed with the report because you fulfill what you promised in the sales letter.



Hi Mr. Don, I want to show my appreciation for the mails I have been receiving from you all this while. May Allah reward you abundantly. If we have many of your type in Nigeria poverty will be reduced considerably. Just try to assist your fellow human being as much as possible you will not regret it before Allah. I have use your special Bonus methods and it is working. I am new to the internet business so I will need more of your assistance to succeed on the net. I will quite appreciate. Thank you and God bless.

       Alh. Shaibu


Good day Mr. Don, I am grateful for the e books and for your packages, which deliver as they promise. But, i have this little request to make, seeing you as a trusted internet marketer. I want you to help me open and handle my PayPal account. This includes adding of funds and withdrawals. And i don't mind paying additional fee for the withdrawal and adding of funds. please i expect your reply. Thanks.



What a great package from one of the best talented
Young online marketer. I like all your packages; I made my
first money online last week I ordered for the packages.
Thanks a lot.


Special greetings to Mr. Don, you are truly the best online marketer I have ever meet, all your packages are confirm real, genuine and useful, more grease to your elbow

Thanks a lot and God bless.

                       (Osun state)





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To Your Success


Internet Marketer & Online successor.  



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